Newly Discovered Projects

This dashboard displays projects discovered in a specific timeframe, ranked by the number of alpha hunters following them

Each project includes key details:

  1. Their avatar, Twitter Name, and Twitter bio

  2. The date we discovered

  3. Their blockchain / category

  4. Number of new alpha hunters followed in the selected timeframe

Sorts Selection

The sorts section displays the number of projects we discovers in that timeframe, usually around ~ 2,000 projects monthly and ~ 500 projects weekly

Timeframe filter

You can choose from 5 timeframes based on your needs:

  • 1 day - showing the newest projects discovered just a few hours ago

  • 3 days

  • 7 days (default timeframe)

  • 30 days

  • ALL - representing the entire database

Experimenting with different timeframes increases the chances of finding the project you like.

Sort Options

The default sort is based on the "number of new Alpha Hunters followed," our major methodology. Three additional sorting options are available:

  • Discovered Date: Lists projects discovered most recently to find the latest additions.

  • Twitter Followers: Orders projects from the lowest to the highest Twitter followers to discover hidden gems with fewer followers.

  • Twitter Created Date: Lists projects created most recently, highlighting very early-stage accounts.

Caution is advised with projects having fewer Alpha Hunters followed, as they might be scams; due diligence is necessary.

Adjusting filters

Filters for blockchain or category can be adjusted based on your interest.

New blockchains and categories are consistently added; if you can't find the sector you want, feel free to suggest us at

Clicking on the blockchain/category of a project is a convenient way to access the filter page while browsing the projects list.

Using our project search bar, you can find projects that contain relevant keywords in their name, bio, or category.

Access more information

Project detail page

Click on a project to learn more about it

Additional information about this page can be found by clicking this link below.

Visit the project's website / telegram ... for more information by clicking to the respective icons next to the project's name

Adding projects to your watchlist

Track projects you prefer by click the heart at the end of the table

Learn more about the watchlist and notifications below

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