Alpha Hunter Details Page

This page provides in-depth information about the Alpha Hunter to assist you in making a decision about wether to follow them or not

Here are some key details about the Alpha Hunter:

Overview information

  1. Avatar, Twitter handle, and Twitter bio

  2. The blockchain / category of the most projects they followed

  3. Adding watchlist button

  4. Their Twitter Followers

  5. Total number of projects they've followed, that we have tracked

Alpha by blockchain & category

These two pie charts provide a breakdown of all the projects they have followed, by blockchain & category

With this data, we can determine their areas of interest and assess whether they are a suitable fit for us to follow.

Earliest Discovery

This table provides a comprehensive list of projects that they discovered earliest in the past, including the date they began following and the number of followers the project had at that time.

Some alpha hunters may discover meme projects when they have only a few followers, while others may follow quality projects at a later stage. This information will help you gain insights into the preferences and tastes of alpha hunters.

Latest Following

This table displays the projects that the alpha hunter has recently started following. If you're following this alpha hunter, you'll probably want to take a look at their most recent followings.

Twitter changelogs

We have tracked all the changelogs of the project's Twitter account:

  • Updating avatar

  • Updating twitter bio

  • Updating name

  • Updating username

  • Account suspension, deletion, or deactivation

Some influencers frequently update their Twitter bios to align with the trends they're following. This feature will be helpful when analyzing the alpha hunter.

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