By Early Discoveries

This dashboard ranks alpha hunters by their number of early discovery in the selected timeframes

Each alpha hunter includes key details:

  1. Their avatar and Twitter Name

  2. The blockchain / category of the most projects they followed

  3. Their Twitter Followers

  4. Total number of projects they followed that we tracked

  5. The timeline of projects they followed

Filters Selection

The filters section displays the number of alpha hunters we tracked in that timeframe. It might vary when you select different timeframe since we continuously adding new alpha hunters to our list

Timeframe filter

You can choose from four timeframes based on your needs:

  • 7 days

  • 30 days (default timeframe)

  • 90 days

  • ALL - representing the entire database

The # of early discoveries is calculated based on the timeframe you select. So, experimenting with different timeframes increases the chances of finding the alpha hunters you like.

Early Discoveries Filter

You can select how we count "early discovery" based on your needs. There are three available filters

  • Projects less than 100 followers when discovered

  • Projects less than 500 followers when discovered

  • Projects less than 1000 followers when discovered

This filter will give you different types of alpha hunters. If you like project in very early stage, you can try the <100 followers filter. Those alpha hunters often discover projects in the earliest stage

The projects followed timeline

This timeline shows all the projects they followed in the selected timeframe. Hover to the project logo will show all projects they follow in that timeframe

You can click to the project you like to access the project details page

pageProject details page

Access more information

Click on an Alpha Hunter to learn more about it

Additional information about this page can be found by clicking this link below.

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Adding Alpha Hunter to your watchlist

Track Alpha Hunters you're interested in by clicking the heart icon at the end of the table

Learn more about the watchlist and notifications below

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